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About the Believe INITIATIVE

The Believe initiative is a movement dedicated to driving success and confidence in youth by teaching the importance of being resilient and the power of believing in themselves.

The Believe Initiative challenges young people to make choices NOT sacrifices, relentless pursue past obstacles, and of course believe!

Founder Sarah Wells is an Olympic hurdler, so she is no stranger to obstacles. Every day she pours her heart into training, knowing there is no guarantee she will see the result she is after. Today’s youth are faced with similar problems in a fast-paced world that require them to walk the path of uncertainty and constantly be adapting.

Many will encounter obstacles along their journey and some will consider giving up in a moment of adversity. During this critical adolescent time, it is important we talk about being resilient, believing in yourself and learning through our mistakes and obstacles. By showing young people that even Olympic athletes make mistakes and fall down, the Believe Initiative will exemplify what will happen when you focus on the process, persevere past the obstacles and continue to believe in yourself and your goals.

Our Why

Olympian Sarah Wells and founder of the Believe Initiative, started the sport of track and field because a high school teacher recommended she go out for the team - he believed she had what it would take to be good. Sarah enjoyed running but never thought she could use that to become something more. 9 years later Sarah made the Olympic team with the same high school teacher who had been coaching her all along.

— Sarah Wells

Not everyone is going to have that person in their lives, the person to help them believe they can. The Believe Initiative was created to help plant that seed of self-belief in as many students as possible. If we can be that person for them, the end result will be incredible

60 Schools

30,000 Students

4 Provinces

The Believe summit is an epic day for your students to bond together while they hear from role models including Olympians, musicians, mindset coaches, actors and more!

They will participate in workshops, begin to explore their passions and leave inspired to Believe in themselves! Part of our Believe Complete program, this is an event you don’t want to miss out on!

Host a keynote event at your school where Olympian Sarah Wells shares her compelling story of self-doubt, overcoming obstacles and what it took to find a belief in herself. “It has been quite the roller coaster ride, but after seeing the difference in my success and my ability to be resilient once I began to foster a belief in myself, I wanted to encourage others to do the same.”

Believe in box is an in-class Believe unit that provides educators and students with the resources and steps to complete a Believe Passion project. With fully detailed lesson plans, student worksheets and graphic organizers, as well assessment tools based on ministry of education curriculum expectations, this kit has everything you need to begin to foster self-belief through a personal passion project.  

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The Mission: Inspire and enable youth to build resilience and self-belief through challenging them to think “What if they believed they could?”

Through events, inspiring role models and stories, as well as an opportunity for youth to cultivate their own passion project, we challenge youth to think about what skills would they explore? What passions would they further develop? What if they believed they could!?

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