Past Passion Projects

Need some inspiration for your Believe passion project. Watch these videos to see what other people have done!

Book Drive

The Believe Initiative Inspiration Fair

Impact Sneakers

Through a Believe Initiative Summit, access to mentorship, as well as an opportunity for students to cultivate their own passion project, the Believe Initiative inspires and equips students with the tools to tackle self doubt and begin to apply their unique skills and passions.

Believe Video Series


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Be a Changemaker.

Change Makers want to make a real difference and help others.

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Be a Problem solver.

Problem Solvers love challenges and coming up with solutions.

Be an Organizer.

Organizers love to work with people and make things happen.

Be an Explorer.

Explorers always search and discover ways to improve the world.

Be an Entertainer.

Entertainers love to excite and encourage people.

Be a motivator.

Motivators encourage change and help others become better.

Be a Creator.

Creators invent and create new things.




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