Chapter Head FAQ

What is the Believe Leadership Course?

The Believe Leadership Course (BLC) is a student-run branch of the Believe Initiative that works towards teaching important leadership skills to high school students. This is an 10-step Course that consists of 1 Info Session, 7 lessons (Innovation & Creativity, Collaboration & Teamwork, Confidence, Discipline, Resilience, Leadership, and a Work Week), a Chapter Inspiration Fair, and a Collective Inspiration Fair.

What is a BLC Chapter Head?

Chapter Heads are students who run the Believe Leadership Course in their school or community. They teach the BLC programming to their students and guide students to develop projects that create change in their community (called “Passion Projects”). All the training & resources you will need to run your BLC Chapter and teach students will be provided if your Chapter Head application is accepted.

Will I have to come up with the content?

No! Believe Leadership will provide you all the session slides, notes, activities and everything you need to run a successful chapter.

What will I have to do as a Chapter Head?

By the end of the Course, Chapter Heads will be required to complete the following:

  • Set up, promote, and maintain your BLC Chapter
  • Teach Chapter members sessions about leadership
  • Guide Chapter members to complete their Passion Projects
  • Host an Inspiration Fair to showcase your Chapter’s Passion Projects

What are Passion Projects?

Passion Projects are projects that students create while going through the Believe Leadership Course (BLC) program. They combine a passion they have with a problem they want to solve to develop a project that creates change. You will receive more information on Passion Projects in your Chapter Head training, if accepted to be a BLC Chapter Head, and can check out past Passion Projects on our website or on the @believeleadership and @believeinitiative Instagram pages.

How long does the training process take?

Before you have your first official BLC meeting, you will watch the 5 Chapter Head Training videos and read the corresponding 5 Chapter Head Training manuals – each video is about 30 mins. You can do these at your own pace, but this training must be completed before you launch your chapter and gain access to the session materials. You can ask us questions at any time as you go through the material.

What is the time commitment as a BLC Chapter Head? How many volunteer hours will I earn from being a Chapter Head?

You have an opportunity to earn volunteer hours for time spent on Chapter Head training, Chapter set-up/promotion, and the hours spent facilitating sessions. With a recommended timeline of 10 weeks (1 Info Session, 7 BLC Lessons, 1 Chapter Inspiration Fair, 1 Collective Fair) you can expect to spend 30 mins of prep and 1 hour delivering content per session, plus your training which consists of five 30 min videos. You may spend additional hours promoting your Chapter, running an info session for potential members, communicating and updating members between sessions, creating and uploading social media posts, or offering extra help to your members. You would get volunteer credit for all of those activities. Chapter Heads typically earn at least 25 hours, with most averaging 3-5 hours per week.

How many people do we need to start a Chapter?

We want to positively impact as many people as possible! A good starting goal is to have 10 people in your Chapter (this may mean at least 20 at your first meeting to account for possible drop off), but past Chapters have been anywhere from 10-90 people in size! There is no “right” number.

What are the benefits of becoming a Chapter Head?

There are many benefits of becoming a BLC Chapter Head! You will learn important leadership skills by leading a group of chapter members through the sessions, and you will obtain access to a network of other BLC Chapter Heads across North America. 

This opportunity allows you to meet new people in your school, learn from them, and create a ripple effect of change in your community while guiding the newest generation of leaders.

You will also receive volunteer hours for your involvement and a Certificate of Completion to showcase on your resume or LinkedIn!

How many Chapter Heads can a Chapter have?

We recommend you keep the number of Chapter Heads to a minimum, ideally 1 or 2 individuals. If you have more than 1 Chapter Head, it is important that roles are clearly divided so that every Chapter Head has a purpose, and that both Chapter Heads complete the training. 

If you won’t be leading a Chapter beyond this year, we suggest that you have a second Chapter Head who can learn the ropes and is able to continue the leadership role next year.

When are Applications due?

The deadline for Early Acceptance to be a Chapter Head in Spring 2022 is December 17th. To give all applicants a fair review, we will begin sending out application status emails AFTER December 17th. Applications for Spring will continue to be reviewed on a rolling basis through January.

When do we receive news about our Application Status?

You’ll receive news about your application status in approximately 1-2 weeks after you submit your application. If accepted, you will be guided through the Chapter Head Training and will be able to start your very own BLC Chapter, helping develop the leaders of tomorrow and helping create change in your community!

Does my school already have a Chapter?

Check out the list HERE which contains all the current & active BLC Chapters! If your school is already listed here, we recommend joining as a member once the Chapter is up an running! If your school is not on this list and you’d like to bring the BLC to your school, you can fill out the Chapter Head application!

What is the cost of starting a Chapter?

Thanks to our amazing sponsors we can offer this program free for schools! 

If you are a private federation or organization, there is a small fee for the training, but we want to make sure it is still accessible for as many people as possible!

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Feel free to reach out the BLC Admin at or @believeleadership on Instagram!

Want to become a Chapter Head?

The Chapter Head Application consists of 2 written questions, and 1 video submission. Once you have completed the application form, it will be reviewed by BLC Admin and you will be informed of your Chapter Head status as soon as possible!