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Believe Leadership Course

About the Program

The Believe Leadership Course (BLC) is a student-run extracurricular program within the Believe Initiative. The BLC works towards teaching important leadership, entrepreneurship and mental wellness skills to high school students.

Schools create their own BLC Chapter, which is led by a student Chapter Head volunteer. The course can be run virtually, or in-person, and consists of sessions that guide members through the development of their own Passion Projects.  The course culminates with students presenting their projects at a Chapter Inspiration Fair, followed by a celebratory Collective Inspiration Fair!

If you’d like to bring the BLC to your school, click the button below to learn more about becoming¬† a Chapter Head!

2700 Students

152 Chapters

1325 projects

113,000+ IMPACTED


The Believe Leadership Course not only provided me with lessons on subjects that are relevant in my life, but it also gave me the opportunity to apply these lessons in real life projects which was super cool and a great learning experience!


The Believe Leadership Course helped me understand the importance of pushing and believing in yourself. It helped me manage my stress a lot better and improve my mental health and confidence by reframing my thoughts.


The Believe Leadership Course helped me understand that with the right resources and tools, we [youth] are capable of changing the world and implementing change in our communities.


This course was unlike any other and it had a very positive affect on me. I was equipped with the skills and mentorship to take my idea and turn it into a reality


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What Students Gain

  • Add a leadership role to your resume
  • Create change in your community
  • Earn volunteer hours
  • Build leadership & mental wellness skills
  • Network with students across the country
  • Access to exclusive BLC resources & workshops

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