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School Keynote

The Believe Keynote is designed to engage and inspire students to adopt a mindset that will allow them to see past the barriers they face. Founder Sarah Wells is an Olympic hurdler, so she is no stranger to obstacles. Every day she pours her heart into training, knowing there is no guarantee she will see the result she is after. Today’s youth are faced with similar problems in a fast-paced world that require them to walk the path of uncertainty and constantly be adapting.

Many will encounter obstacles along their journey and some will consider giving up in a moment of adversity. During this critical adolescent time, it is important we talk about being resilient, believing in yourself and learning through our mistakes and obstacles. By showing young people that even Olympic athletes make mistakes and fall down, this presentation will exemplify what will happen when you focus on the process, persevere past the obstacles and continue to believe in yourself.


The Believe Initiative

The Believe Initiative Summit Series challenges students to answer the question, “What if you believed you could?”. Using our proven 3-step comprehensive program, Students and educators will be guided through a process on how we can connect our passions with the problems we want to solve, all while building self belief through action.

Believe team members come to your school to host an epic Believe Summit Kick-off. Here we walk through workshops and brainstorm Believe Passion Project ideas – that’s step 1. Next teachers and students can use our Believe unit, directly tied in to the Ministry of Education guidelines, to help build out the projects while also providing opportunities for assessment – that’s step 2. Then finally, students, teachers, community members, and school board employees can attend the unforgettable Believe Inspiration fair. This is where students will showcase the projects they built and the outcomes it had on building resilience and self belief in the individual, as well as the results on the problem they hoped to solve.

Three-step program including:

1. The Summit

2. The Curriculum

3. The Inspiration Fair

*Each item is also available A la carte

    • Ignite students to build self-believe through action
    • Great for cross-curricular and experiential learning
    • Fully detailed lesson plans, assignments, student worksheets, and rubrics for assessments
    • Access to Olympians & Mindset Coaches as Believe Ambassadors
    • 2-5 months depending on your schedule

Corporate Speaking


We’re all in a race. The pressure, the deadlines, the competition. While every scenario may be unique, we all want to move quickly and win. Sarah’s energetic approach, engaging stories and her capacity to inspire an audience will leave them ready to take action and win the only race that matters – theirs!

Overcoming Life’s Hurdles

Whatever you goal is, there is a path to take you there. The path won’t always be easy, but the journey will always be worth it. This was certainly true for Olympian Sarah Wells, who has encountered roadblock after roadblock on her path to athletic success. The podium has always been the destination however, it was the challenging moments in-between that made Sarah the champion she is today. In this session Sarah discusses the importance of positively reframing your mindset, surrounding yourself with the right support, learning to deal with “failure” and relentlessly pursuing your goals not only to achieve success but also find significance in the obstacles you face.



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