Sarah Wells is an Olympian, Pan Am Games silver medallist, and the founder of the Believe Initiative.

As a hurdler, Sarah is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. Before finding the sport of track and field, Sarah was cut from every high school team she tried out for. It was thanks to a teacher who suggested she try running - that teacher believed in her before Sarah ever did. Together that teacher and her became coach and athlete and made the Olympics together just a decade later.

Beyond athletics, what Sarah is obsessed with is storytelling. Sarah wants to be able to tell the story of resilience and how you can truly make an impact in the world. She wants to inspire people to pursue excellence, and she understands that not everyone is going to have that high school teacher to believe in them, so she hopes to be that person for as many people as possible. After speaking all over North America to thousands of people, Sarah is encouraged to continue this work as she sees the impact it can make in schools and organizations.


Understanding the importance of being resilient and the power of believing in yourself is so important to Sarah that she had it tattooed on the inside of her wrist.

She understands that it can be hard when you feel challenged, and sometimes it feels like your circumstances will define your success. Sometimes there are obstacles that we can’t even see past, and sometimes we don’t even see our own potential - but it is her mission to change that.

Sarah wants to provide audiences with a story, a story of resilience, how she overcame every obstacle to make her Olympic dream come true. Sarah wants to inspire, she wants people to move beyond the barriers that they see, and of course believe in themselves - just like her teacher believed in her.  

Need Inspiration?

Watch the Believe Initiative Video Series for bite size motivation.


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